The Tearney Laboratory fosters collaboration among experts in physics, engineering, material science and biology.

Some of the many talented experts we work with include:

James Stone, MD, PhD (MGH Pathology)

Gregory Lauwers, MD (MGH Pathology)

Martha Pitman, MD (MGH Pathology)

Norm Nishioka, MD (MGH Gastroenterology)

Alesso Fasano, MD (MGH Pediatric Gastroenterology)

Farouc Jaffer, MD, PhD (MGH Cardiology)

Chin Hur, MD (MGH Gastroenterology)

Yukako Yagi, PhD (MGH Pathology)

Bryan Hurley, PhD (MGHfC Pdedi Gastroenterology)

Aubry Katz, MD (MGHfC Pdedi Gastroenterology)

Stephen Rowe, MD, MSPH (University of Alabama)

Wayne Shreffler, MD, PhD (MGH Food Allergy Center)

Jayaraj Rajagopal, MD (MGH Pulmonary and Critical Care Unit)

Allan Goldstein, MD (MGH Pediatric Neurogastroenterology)